About IWiS

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About IWiS

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The independent and impartial Institut für Wirtschaftsschutz und Sicherheitsforschung (IWiS) (institution for economic protection and security research) is engaged with research and training on issues that are relevant for civil security in a multidisciplinary, cross-functional and methodical manner. Focal points are, on the one hand, conducting research and studies and, on the other hand, advanced and further education measures, trainings and workshops on specific security topics such as risk management, business continuity, cyber security, crisis management, know-how protection as well as white-collar crime.

Our Focus

The institution explicitly focuses on relevancy to practice of the civil security research and course contents. It’s less about basic research in the fields of technology and natural sciences, but focuses more on the exploration and lessons to be learned concerning criminal phenomena, as well as social, organizational, behavior-oriented and cultural security processes – the so-called soft facts. The results of the studies can, among other things, aid in the implementation of a security culture in a company or support the creation of preventive measures to specific security problems. Apart from that, they help in the development and optimization of security products and services in a market-oriented manner.

IWiS‘ Ideal Objective

As far as corporate security is concerned, Germany shall not only take on a leading role on the level of group corporations, but also on the level of small and medium-sized companies, to stabilize and expand their economic strength within global competition. German small and medium-sized companies can be vulnerable due to insufficient sensitization for corporate security issues. As a consequence, the lack of a security culture and security measures can potentially cause great economic damage, which needs to be minimized. IWiS wants to make a contribution to meet this objective.